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Re Align Chiropractic PC Provides Back Pain Relief

man holding lower back in pain in Chicago, IL

Dr. Peter Georgiou and the wellness staff at Re Align Chiropractic PC want to provide relief for your lower back pain. This type of pain can interfere with the quality of your life as well as your work. When work productivity decreases, it can cost companies money. According to the Integrated Benefits Institute, lower back pain costs employers approximately $51,400 annually for every 100 employees. Lower back pain may also contribute to more lost workdays, with those experiencing back pain reporting four more days spent away from work than others. If you do not have paid time-off to cover these off-days, it can contribute to a financial hardship. Re Align Chiropractic PC provides lower back pain relief and helps you become more productive at work.

Our team wants to be your first choice for lower back pain relief. Our chiropractor and staff are here to answer your questions, even if this is the first time you have received a chiropractic adjustment. We evaluate your condition and provide an immediate care plan to reduce your discomfort and prevent future lower back pain. Our chiropractic care plan includes spinal manipulations, decompression, X-rays, massage and physical rehabilitation. A spinal manipulation is a gentle adjustment to your spine performed by the chiropractor. The doctor gently guides misaligned vertebrae back into a healthy alignment to help reduce your lower back pain. These non-invasive and medication-free techniques promote circulation to your lower back, which speeds the healing of any injury. If needed, spinal decompression can also provide relief from lower back discomfort and help to support a healthy posture.

Lower Back Pain Relief Is Within Your Reach

Whether your pain was caused instantly by a work-related accident, a sports injury or an automobile accident, or if it has gradually increased as a result of poor posture or a genetic condition, our team of health experts is here to help you. Your lower back pain may contribute to other issues such as hip, knee or ankle pain, as your body tries to compensate for the misalignment. This can results in years of discomfort, so our goal is to help you quickly mend. Through our physical rehabilitation education, you learn how to correct your posture to prevent additional lower back pain. We gently guide you through exercises to strengthen the muscles that support a healthy spine and hip alignment, including resistance exercises with actual weights or the weight of your body. We will also teach you flexibility exercises to stretch over-tight muscles and help alleviate lower back pain. As you move through the exercises with us, you will develop a better sense of correct spinal position to help reduce your discomfort.

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The Re Align Chiropractic PC staff can also educate you on healthy ways to set up your work environment to reduce your risk for recurring back pain. We can also provide instructions on healthy sleeping habits to help you wake feeling more refreshed and with less back pain.
Please call us today at 773-665-4400 or click here to schedule your first appointment and get relief from lower back pain.

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