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ReAlign Chiropractic Is Your Source For Headache and Migraine Treatment In ChicagoMigraine & Headache relief with our chicago chiropractor

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Have you been experiencing headaches or migraines, but not sure how to find an effective or lasting treatment plan? Our caring staff at ReAlign Chiropractic is your source for headache and migraine care. 

Usually, the direct cause of the headache to set in is neck and shoulder tightness. Cervicogenic headaches are typically characterized by pain that starts at the base of the skull that may radiate to other regions such as the forehead, temples and eyeballs. Chiropractic care can first provide relief from headaches whether or not they are actue or chronic. After helping with relief care, we will focus on providing corrective care to realign the vertebrae in the neck, alleviating your underlying issue. Rather than simply treating the symptoms of headaches, we are here to help you say goodbye to headaches and migraines once and for all. 

Causes of Headaches And Migraines And How ReAlign Chiropractic Can Help

Headaches and migraines can arise for a variety of reasons. We often find that regardless of the cause, all types of headaches and migraines result in discomfort and tension that often leads to fatigue and neck pain. 

Whiplash From An Auto Accident Can Be A Cause Of Chronic Migraines

Have you recently been involved in an auto accident injury? Whiplash or impact with force is often the cause for headaches or migraines to set in following an auto accident injury. Our team at ReAlign Chiropractic suggests that you come to see us immediately following an accident so we can help prevent an injury from setting in. Seeing us right away can help relieve the tension that sets into muscles, tendons and vertebrae that is so often associated with headaches and migraines. 

Chronic Headaches & Migraines From Sports Injuries, Medications Or A Sedentary Lifestyle

Are you suffering from chronic headaches and migraines? Headaches can become chronic due to sports injuries, certain medications, a sedentary lifestyle, a pinched nerve, poor diet and certain health concerns. Headaches and migraines can also become chronic from old injuries that were never properly treated. When headaches and migraines become chronic, other areas of the body can overcompensate and become misaligned such as your shoulders. At your visit we will assess the source of your headaches and migraines to determine what chiropractic technique is best suited. 

To improve the efficacy of your treatments with us, we may prescribe at-home exercises. Proper nutrition and nutritional supplements may also be suggested to compliment your care. 

Pediatric Headache and Migraine Care

Headache and migraine care for your child is equally as important as your own. We see members of the family from infancy through all stages of life. We encourage you to put your trust in our hands when taking care of your family. 

Schedule Headache or Migraine Relief With Your Chicago Chiropractor 

Ready to get a handle on headache and migraine care now? We look forward to seeing you at a visit soon. Please call us at 773-665-4400.

Schedule Headache & Migraine Treatment

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